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Sponsoring ADB

ADB offers a unique range of promotional opportunities to help you communicate with the Dutch business community in Singapore. Through personal and targeted messaging you can reach an exclusive Dutch, Singapore-focused audience in a very effective way.

Professional profile
Our community is very diverse, some members represent well-known multinationals, while other members have their own SMEs.

Some figures and facts:

  • The ADB consists of over 450 members;
  • 30% of which are women;
  • Most of our members work for international companies, from global corporations to dynamic SMEs;
  • 1 in 5 members has his/her own company, providing all kinds of services;
  • 50% of our members has lived in Singapore for more than 5 years;
  • ADB has a healthy influx of 20% fresh blood every year;
  • Half of our members has a family with children;
  • Most of our community live either in District 9 (Central, Orchard) or 10 (Bukit Timah, Holland).

Contact us
Whether you're looking for a fully-coordinated campaign across several platforms or just a simple banner ad, we have a range of choices to suit all partners and budgets. Please contact us to discuss the best option for you.